Advanced Registry Tracer

Advanced Registry Tracer (ART) is a utility designed for analyzing changes made to the Windows Registry. ART does this by making 'snapshots' of the Registry and saving them in its database, which you can later browse through at your convenience. You can compare any two snapshots and get a list of keys and data which are new, deleted or modified. ART can compare the entire Registry or any key of the Registry. It can also exclude keys of the Registry from comparison results. With ART you can create undo/redo files (to rollback changes, for example). To view the current state of a key or to modify it, you can use ART's Jump to Regedit function. The contents of any key can be exported to a standard *.reg file (either new or old format).

In contrast to Registry monitoring software (such as RegMon and Win-Expose Registry) and most uninstallers (CleanSweep, Uninstall, etc.), ART compares full copies of the Registry that were made at different times, while the software mentioned above simply monitors access to the Registry. Advanced Registry Tracer lets you track (and undo!) each and every change to the Registry without affecting your system performance.


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