Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2017.10 Rev. 4

The Emsisoft Emergency Kit contains a collection of programs that can be used without software installation to scan for malware and clean infected computers: Emsisoft Emergency Kit Scanner and Emsisoft Commandline Scanner.

New in Revision 4:
  • Changed the logic for language support to the Custom.nsh file for better language handling.
  • You can now set your desired language in the optional user configuration file. (EmergencyKitPortable.ini)
  • Updated CLScanner.cmd (current version is 1.1) to support scanning using NTFS Alternate Data Streams.
  • Fixed checking for minimum operating system support. EEK requires at least Windows 7.
This package comes with a small batch command script that I wrote myself called CLScanner.cmd and is located inside the App directory. I wrote this little utility to help the user when using the secondary portable launcher for commandline support of Emsisoft's Commandline Scanner. Enjoy!

When installing my Emergency Kit Portable Rev. 4, it will unpack all the applicable files into the App directory in a folder called EEK just as if you had extracted the contents of Emsisoft's official .zip package from their website. The installer will then delete the unnecessary Languages and Signatures directories in the EEK\bin32 folder. After which it'll move the two directories Languages and Signatures inside the EEK\bin64 folder and put them into the App\DefaultData folder.

Moreover, on the first initial launch of either EmergencyKitPortable.exe or CLScannerPortable.exe, the launcher will move the two folders, Languages and Signatures and copy them into the Data directory. Once that's finished, the launcher will then delete both directories from the DefaultData folder. The launcher can then move these two folders back and forth between Data and the corresponding application folder depending on the system's bit-depth (i.e. ..\App\EEK\bin32 or ..\App\EEK\bin64). I have the launcher move these two folders instead of having the launcher copy them; makes for a much faster launch.

I make the installer and launchers do all the aforementioned rigmarole in order to cut the package's filesize damn near in half. Before with Rev. 1-2, you were looking at a folder size of close to 700mb after install and first signature update but with Rev. 4, you're only looking at about 360mb after install and first signature update.


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