The Meaning Portable

The Meaning is a multi-language dictionary that comes with support for text-to-speech functions, text translator, as well as unit conversion tools. There are a bunch of dictionaries gathered under its hood, such as English to Chinese, Japanese and Korean (or vice versa), English to English, and English to French, Spanish, Portuguese, German or vice versa.

Author's Website: The Meaning is free dictionary for both commercial and non-commercial. It's based on Thai-English, Japanese-English, Chinese-English, Japanse-Thai dictionary. Main Features: no need third party programs or drivers installed on system; developed by C++, make program faster; multi languages support; searching vocabulary from many databases at once; searching vocabulary from meaning; searching vocabulary from paragraph; show vocabulary and meaning together, help to find the right word quickly; Paragraph Reader (show meaning and pronounce); can save paragraph reader with meaning and pronounce to be .bmp; capture selected text in any program by click middle mouse button on selected text.

WordNet English Dictionary: WordNet English Dictionary Database

Extract the contents into the db folder.


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