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But Wait! It Only Get's Better...

I'm amazed at the fact of how much I'm starting to really envy the young at an alarming rate. Their blissful, ignorance; their innocent, can-do attitude; the trusting nature of strange things (both biological or otherwise); and mainly for their lack of disdain for humanity for they haven't been tarnished by deluded, malicious individuals yet. Being that young we couldn't wait to become the all-knowing, end-all-be-all adults we had unwittingly put our undeserved (most likely) and unearned faith into. Just think, remember how they told us we'd understand once we had gotten older? Don't worry ..I can wait.

Now we're old and out of breathe and cannot keep up with these young, angelic, little heathens. As a child I wanted nothing more than to be grown up and to this I say I still think of myself as I did with little change as I once did 25 years ago. Then I look in a mirror and see the starter-kit to the makings of an old, fat bastard waiting for "the misses" to bring a box of Nilla wafers to have with our Ovaltine. Then I realize I'm looking at my reflection as I am now; someone who wishes to go back to an absurd parody of his former life. I know this is all too daunting because I once wanted to be one of these melodramatic, self-unaware but highly self-absorbed, mouth-breathing, asshole of an adult.

With all the aforementioned and the hindsight's Hiroshima-like aftermath within my head could potentially make me the next best on-screen playwright this side of the millennium; however, I'm too tired. Like all this is just some satirical, cosmic interview with Mother Nature like some late-night fucking talk show. This rather confuses me to no end on Mother Nature's tactics and her true intentions in this role of reality. This makes me question if life is an entity itself and it has it's own selfish sense of humor. Life's great maniacal, ironic jokeā€”age. Heh.

I'll leave you with just this one last lingering, little thought which is age is strictly a case of mind over matter. So if you don't mind, it doesn't matter. =)


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